Why is there an extra $25 fee for the phone?

The $25 fee is similar to paying for envelopes to mail 100 letters, or paying for business cards to be printed. The additional cost of materials and services are passed on to our customers. The fee covers setting up and maintaining your dedicated phone line. To make things easier, LongerDays offers two different phone plans that integrate with our existing phone system. You can read about them by clicking here.

What do the different phone plan options include?

We have two different options:

Standard Plan – $25/month

  • A dedicated inbound phone line in your area code – outbound calls will display our global default number (231-225-4449) on the recipient’s caller ID
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • A voicemail box, specifically for your business, that you can check at any time

Premium Plan – $40/month

  • Includes everything in the standard plan, but allows us to make outbound calls display your local area code on the recipient’s caller ID

What does the Receptionist Service include?

What comes standard:

  • A dedicated virtual receptionist
  • A backup receptionist in case your primary assistant is ever out of the office
  • A log of every call we answer – you can even watch us update the log in real time!
  • Email monitoring
  • Additional Tasks? No problem! With LongerDays, it’s all included!

What is NOT included:

  • We provide the receptionist, you provide the phone. This is like any other situation that requires extra materials and/or services. To make things easier, LongerDays does offer two different phone plans for your convenience. You can read about them by clicking here.

Can you send/receive emails from my domain, and monitor an inbox?

Yes, we can provide email monitoring for your domain-specific addresses (such as: YourName@CompanyName.com) similar to our Virtual Receptionist Service. We will actually learn your business, send real responses, and function as a member of your staff. We can even send custom quotes and estimates to your customers – whatever you want to teach us to do.

Can you make sales calls/cold calls?

We do not make unsolicited phone calls to private residences or businesses.
We do make warm sales calls to individuals who have expressed an interest in your product or service.

How is a Receptionist Service different from an answering service?

Typically, an answering service only accepts incoming calls. Our Receptionist Service will accept inbound calls, make outbound calls, and even take in-depth action to resolve customer issues.

For example: If you sell widgets and one of your customers calls us with a question not answered on your website, we will call you, call the vendor, search Google – or take whatever action you would like us to – in order to find an answer to the caller’s question.