How Can A Lawyer Use A Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever wondered if virtual assistance can help your law practice?

At LongerDays, we assist a wide range of clientele and have strengths catering to different industries. For our attorney and legal professional clients, the following tasks have lightened their load and provided immediate value.

Virtual Assistance for Law Firms

LongerDays virtual assistants help keep you organized, take care of repetitive clerical work, and keep your calendar on track.

Our most commonly performed virtual clerical tasks for lawyers include:

  • Organizing client information
  • Filling out forms
  • Inbox monitoring
  • CRM work
  • Scheduling tech support

Communication With Prospects and Clients

With a busy client load and incoming prospective clients, legal offices engage in a large amount of communication every day. Whether it’s by phone, email, or another method, LongerDays ensures that your office’s communication remains professional, timely, and detailed.

We assist our legal clients with:

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Taking detailed messages
  • Scheduling consultations with clients
  • Scheduling mediations between attorney offices
  • Sending out attorney/client agreement emails
  • Making payment requests by phone and email
  • Basic screening to ensure prospective clients meet requirements
  • Declination of representation emails

And of course, everything is billed to the nearest minute…

We get to know your specific practice to provide your clients and prospects with accurate information, use correct terminology, and provide top-notch communication during every interaction.

We pride ourselves in tailoring our skills to meet the needs of different industries, as well as the confidentiality we can provide to our customers – especially those working with sensitive legal information. If you have any questions about how Longer Days can help your law practice, give us a call today!  (800) 507-1622

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