Becoming Part Of Your Team

When LongerDays becomes part of your phone line customer service team – receiving incoming calls, forwarding to appropriate people in your organization, placing orders, answering customer services questions, etc. – a couple of things happen to get us rolling:

Phone Line Setup

  • We set you up with a dedicated phone number in our VOIP system for an additional monthly cost of $25 per month (on top of your monthly plan).
  • You set the phone number of your choice (usually your primary incoming sales line or “info” number) to forward to the number we’ve set up for you – or we can do it, if you provide us access to your phone system!
  • We create a call log to track each and every incoming call – the nature of the call, what action was taken, and any additional info that may be useful in the future

Outgoing Calls

You may also need us to make outgoing calls to follow up with customers, return messages, or otherwise make calls on your behalf. As an added service, we can set up a dedicated outgoing line in your area code to ensure your clients and customers aren’t receiving calls from our default outbound line. This outgoing line is available for an additional $25 per month (on top of your monthly plan and dedicated incoming line).

Frequently Asked Questions

• How much information do you need to get started?

We first gather frequently asked questions by callers. Clients may have an FAQ on their website, along with other information we can use. We also ask for access to any sites we will need to help callers, often including a customer service email account and a shopping cart login for looking up orders, resolving declined credit card payments, placing orders, and issuing refunds.

Generally, these basic things are all we need to get started. The point in the beginning is not to know everything, it’s to know the answers to the most common questions.

• How do we know what business a caller is trying to reach?

We assign a unique phone number for the client (business) to forward all of their calls to. When this unique phone number rings, we know what business it is for – simple as that!

• Do we assign a dedicated virtual receptionist?

We actually assign a small group – 2 to 3 people, sometimes more depending on call volume – to learn your specific business. This team of virtual receptionists is familiar with the unique needs of your business. They will learn the products, customers, company policies, and any other specific knowledge needed to provide an exceptional customer experience.

• What happens if my dedicated receptionist leaves LongerDays?

Every task starts with a solution – a detailed document of each and every step of a task – and phone lines are no different. Your phone line’s solution contains relevant links, background information, special instructions, where to send messages, extensions for call forwarding, and so on. The solution is a guide for how to answer a line. What should we say when they pick up a call? How should the receptionist refer to the client and/or the business?

We make detailed documentation so ANY of our receptionists can step in, train up, and provide excellent service for your clients and/or customers – even if they’ve never touched the line before.

• How do we keep track of everything?

For every reception client, we keep log of incoming calls, the nature of the call, and any action taken. This allows the entire team to get a sense of the most common issues or orders, have a quick reference for any repeat customers, and helps keep track of unresolved issues. We keep these call logs whether or not our clients ask us to, but if you want us to share, we’re more than happy to!

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“I do not know how I ever managed my business without LongerDays… You would not believe how good it feels to have those extra hours each day…”

“Before LongerDays, I was barely able to keep my head above water while wearing every different hat imaginable…”

Jay Thornton, Owner, American Gymnast

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“The MindStir Media team of experts was just amazing… I communicated every single day with them… No matter what question I asked, I was answered within a really prompt amount of time… The process was very easy, I felt very comfortable every step of the way, and I was just so impressed with the way that they handled everything so professionally… I look forward to working with Mindstir again.”

MindStir Media Customer, speaking about her experience with a Virtual Assistant working through MindStir Media

Michigan Irish Music Festival

“Every year we experience a huge increase in call volume leading up to our festival. I love how LongerDays scales as our needs change!”

Chris Zahrt, President, Michigan Irish Music Festival

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