HBR: Guide to Getting the Right Work Done

LongerDays excited to be one of the services discussed in the Harvard Business Review Guide to Getting the Right Work Done. The guide dicusses how to focus your time and energy where they will yield the greatest reward. Not only will you end each day knowing you made progress—your improved productivity will also set you apart from the pack.

7 Simple Tech Tools That Can Make Starting Up Easy

Entrepreneur Magazine listed LongerDays as one of it's "7 Simple Tech Tools That Can Make Starting Up Easy." Check out the article by clicking here.

How to Use a Virtual Assistant in Your Business

Gigaom discusses using LongerDays virtual assistant to handle busy work so you can stay focus on more important tasks.

Let Me Assist You

The New York Post talks about crazy virtual assistant tasks... and make LongerDays look great in the process!

Any Sized Business Can Save by Outsourcing

PC World Magazine, discussing outsourcing and LongerDays.

Succeeding in the Age of Social Media Distraction

Likeable Media talks about work overload, delegation, and distraction.

LongerDays Prepares for Additional Growth in 2013

LongerDays.com’s 20 in-house employees make up the virtual staff for over 100 companies located around the world. Providing a unique, cloud-based staffing solution, LongerDays.com allows businesses to hire a full-time virtual team for the cost of a single part-time employee.

Muskegon virtual assistant firm seeks creatives for 10 new jobs

Rapid Growth Media highlights the rapid growth of LongerDays

Here are six high ROI, low-budget R&D components

"Start with Google Alerts, but avoid their No. 1 misuse: poorly researched key words and terms. Next, employ a proven virtual assistant that gathers, aggregates and delivers any type of information you desire, all for a reasonable fee. Three with excellent reputations based in the United States include Zirtual, EAHelp and LongerDays (.com for each)."