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About LD

LongerDays is a virtual assistance company nestled in downtown Muskegon, Michigan. We’re a small town company tackling global business issues.

We take our work seriously – but don’t mistake us for sticks in the mud. We pour our knowledge, experience, and every ounce of brain power we’ve got into solving problems, finding answers, and creating pristine work for our clients, and keep our sanity with a superawesomeradical workplace.

We’re sticklers for accuracy. We’re perfectionists. We’re also musicians and Tolkien nerds, artists and pranksters. We provide impeccable customer service, then shoot at each other with NERF guns.

At LongerDays, we like to think that serious work doesn’t have to come from a stuffy environment, and that people produce better results when they’re somewhere they want to be.


We started small (like, really small), and we haven’t forgotten where we came from. We know what it’s like to be a struggling entrepreneur with more ideas than resources – we used to have one phone, seriously sub-par internet speed, and honestly, a pretty constant sense of panic that the whole thing could crumble at any moment…

It’s been quite the journey since then.

Along the way, we’ve earned our stripes as a true contender in the world of virtual assistance – we’ve expanded in size (and experience), we’ve learned a TON about how to best meet the needs of our clients, and all the while, we’ve been building our repertoire and honing our service.

These days, we’ve got a bigger staff, better tech, and an increased capacity to rock the socks off every project we touch, but we still remember those humble beginnings. The road we’ve traveled makes us who we are, and learning as we go has always been the name of the game.