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Three Essential Business Books

Emily Niemiec

There are a TON of great business books out there. As CEO of LongerDays (and just kind of a nerd about it) it’s in my interest to read as many of the good ones as I can, and I’ve come to discover that some are much better than others…

The following three are the best I’ve read, but if I had to cut one from the list it would be The Four Hour Work Week. It’s a great book, but the lessons from The E-Myth will get you 3/4 of the way to the same spot.

So why would I call it essential? It’s kind of like the Godfather parts one and two… You can get by only seeing part one, but the people who make time for both parts will go on to lead a more full and complete life!

A book I would like to ADD to the list, but have yet to find, would be a One Minute Manager-style book that provides some foundations for understanding financial statements. It’s a bit too late for me – I had to learn the hard way – but I would like to have a book to recommend to business owners just starting out. If you have a recommendation please send it!

Of what I’ve read so far, these are three that leap to the top of my list:

#1 The E-Myth

This is the first, and best business book I ever read. I’m glad I read it early on because it changed the way I approached business. The E-Myth is to modern business what The Beatles are to modern music – you can see its influence everywhere. Despite being an extremely popular business book with a very simple core principal, its advice is widely ignored by small business owners everywhere…

Credit to my mom for suggesting this book to me!

#2 The One Minute Manager

Ask any business owner “what’s the hardest part?” and nine times out of ten, the answer will be “employees.”

It’s not that the employees themselves are difficult, it’s that management is a skill most people don’t realize they lack unless they went to college for business. This book offers a crash course in an easy to read, story format. Unlike most business books that attempt to achieve validation by having a lot of pages (and end up being twice as long as they need to be), The One Minute Manager is perfect in length.

#3 The 4-Hour Work Week

Considering the impact this book had on the Virtual Assistance industry, I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t get around to it until 2015. My impression was that it generally promoted outsourcing everything to overseas VAs. This couldn’t be further from the truth…

It’s an exceptional book and I now understand why it was so popular. Read The E-Myth first because T4HWW builds on the principals of that book.

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