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Valuable Ideas for Clients With Extra Time

LD Staff Writer

At LongerDays, we’re constantly searching for new, better ways to serve our clients and maximize our value as a service. We’re here to do what our clients need done – but we never just stop there. Going above and beyond is a major point of pride for our team.

One of the best ways we’ve found to increase efficiency and value for our clients is to make sure that we use up every minute of the monthly time they’ve purchased. Usually, it’s as simple as doing all of the work we’ve got scheduled, but sometimes there’s a bit of extra wiggle room left at the end of the month. This is where we get a chance to show our creativity.

Most of the work we do comes directly from the clients: they sign up with the aim of offloading tasks onto our dependable virtual assistants. The bulk of the work is ongoing, repeatable tasks – including scheduling appointments, handling social media, creating blog content, graphics, and more – performed on a scheduled basis.

Many clients also bring us one-off tasks: anything from research to writing to booking accommodations for travel can be done on an “as needed” basis… But exceptions do happen, creating opportunities for proactive work on our part.

Whether we’re looking at a brand new client or a seasoned one, we’re always trying to improve the relationship and increase our utility. This means that we keep our eyes open for any opportunity to become more helpful, finding new ways to make our clients’ lives easier and their businesses better.

Maybe we got the work done faster than expected, or maybe the client simply didn’t have enough predetermined tasks to use up all of their hours. The point is, there’s some time left for the month and we don’t want it going to waste…

Let’s detail some of the ways that LongerDays virtual assistants work to ensure that all of our clients enjoy fully-maximized hours.

Big Ideas for WordPress

Many of our clients have websites built on the WordPress platform. It’s a robust system that allows total control over every aspect of a company’s web presence – and LongerDays employees love it. If we’re managing a client’s website with WordPress, that means we have the perfect opportunity to peek under the hood and see how we might improve things.

Sometimes the opportunity comes knocking. This means new plugins, updates, and other refreshes that are no-brainer improvements for any client. We stay on the lookout for the latest and greatest when it comes to WordPress, so we know before anyone else when it’s time to refresh the widgets and systems that make up the backbone of a client’s website. These small improvements really add up over time, keeping the site up to speed with the best of the best out there.

In addition to behind-the-scenes checkups, we’re looking at the big picture with a critical eye. We click all the links and play with all the menus, making sure everything on the client’s website functions exactly as expected, catching any glitches or mistakes before a potential customer ever has a chance to notice them.

More than simply keeping up with the Joneses, this means that we keep websites safe, secure, and functioning properly around the clock. It’s another way we shoulder the hard work so the client can rest easy, move confidently, and focus on what they need to do next.

Creative Content

When canvassing the office for ways to use those unexpected extra hours, we kept bumping into a particularly creative idea: crafting content.

This is the bulk of what we do anyway! From blogging to authoritative FAQs, graphic design to email newsletters, there’s a whole host of creative tasks that LongerDays employees perform for our clients. When we’ve already got a framework for content creation, coming up with valuable uses of extra time is easy.

One client, for example, gives us a list of topics to write about on a regular basis. This client always has more topic ideas than time, so the opportunity is waiting whenever we find extra time at the end of the month. The Team Lead simply plucks one or more ideas from the list and gets a writer on board, returning with completed content, ready to go. These extra articles might be held for a special event, a timely holiday, promotional purposes, or anything else the client might need down the road.

Similarly, an observant virtual assistant can look toward the horizon and see that the client may need more graphics work in the future, when they’ve got a new product or presentation marked on the calendar. They’ll ask if this is something we can get cracking on ahead of time, saving the client money and preventing a time crunch down the road.

In this way, we’ve helped clients launch eBooks, new websites, and more – with time to spare.

Minding the Details

An important aspect of our work is our ability to connect the dots on a micro-level for the many disparate ends of a client’s business. To put it simply, our ground level view and day-to-day operations give us the perspective to note changes, glitches, mismatched pieces, and gaps in information that might otherwise go unnoticed.

For clients with reception work, this means that our virtual assistants will always be looking out for address and phone number changes, updated emails, and any other contact details that might be incomplete or missing. It means that we will notice if Google coughs up outdated information on the client’s business, website, or physical location. It means that we will make sure that emails are going out to the proper people, phone calls are connecting to the right numbers, and no customer ever falls through the cracks.

We not only notice these details – we also take action when necessary. As soon as we see a problem, we let the client know. If the client has time left over after regular work, that’s when we spring into action, connecting all those dots and keeping the whole operation humming along. Of course, many issues will require immediate action, but for anything else, we keep the details in mind so our clients don’t have to worry about them.

Have LongerDays, Will Travel

Many clients rely on LongerDays to streamline the often-complicated process of traveling for business. Some need us for a few important (but difficult) steps, like booking car rentals or airline tickets, while others give us the reins and sit back while our virtual assistants take care of the entire trip, from accommodations to Uber, and everything in between.

This is another great opportunity to maximize the value of time and increase our utility in a big way. With the detail-oriented nature of our work, we’re often able to anticipate needs and possible stumbling points along the way, providing solutions before they’re even needed.

Experience tells us that travel never goes exactly as planned, so our team is happy to research and engage with every possibility, offering alternative plans, helpful direction, and backup support in case the unexpected occurs. Sometimes this means reserving an extra mode of transportation, speaking personally with employees at a given destination about the client’s needs, or catching any mistakes on the itinerary before they happen in real life.

When a client is across the country or overseas, our job as virtual assistants keeps on trucking as normal. We’re still handling emails, engaging with customers, updating websites, and anything else the job normally entails – but we’re also ready to plan ahead so that the client’s needs are taken care of before they’re even realized. With a bit of extra time in the schedule, we can chart out future travel plans, research the best hotels and venues in a given destination, note down preferences, and sort out a number of variables for the next journey our well-traveled clients may make.

Basically, we jump at any chance to make the client’s life easier and their time more efficient.

The Big Picture

The above examples of creative time use are only a few of the myriad ways that LongerDays employees work to maximize the time and money of our clients. We keep track of the details, tie up loose ends, and stand back for a holistic view. If any extra time appears, we’re ready to use it to its full extent.

To put it in the simplest terms, we sell time. We do work so that our clients can focus on the big picture, the future, the next step. We never let that time go to waste.

This is why, throughout the day, week, and month, our virtual assistants are always on the lookout for ways to improve the service we provide. If there’s extra time, that means there’s extra work to be done. If all the assigned work has been completed, that’s a perfect opportunity to go above and beyond the expected. We relish the opportunity.

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