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Virtual Assistance for E-commerce Businesses

Emily Niemiec

Post Summary:

  • E-commerce businesses use of each core service offered by Longer Days:¬†Admin, Reception, Web, Graphics, and Writing.
  • Longer Days Virtual Assistants work together in an American-based office, providing the data security required by e-commerce businesses.
  • E-commerce businesses generally have enough work to sign up for a higher level plan, giving them a volume based discount.
  • E-commerce business owners benefit from a dedicated project manager to coordinate tasks across all core services: Admin, Reception, Web, Graphics, and Writing.
  • The value of Longer Days to e-commerce businesses is unbeatable by any other Virtual Assistant Company.

We always enjoy providing virtual assistance to e-commerce businesses. They are ideally suited to the five core services we offer at Longer Days, and receive a lot of value from our service. This is a win win because we love working for people who love working with us!

Here is an overview of how e-commerce clients use our service:

Virtual Assistant E-Commerce Tasks

E-Commerce businesses generally have a steady supply of daily administrative tasks that are particularly well suited for Longer Days. Tasks that are repetitive are easier to delegate and result in greater time savings for the business owner.

E-commerce tasks generally involve credit card information and other sensitive data that is not advisable to send overseas. Being American-based, Longer Days is a great fit for data-sensitive tasks.

Some tasks we perform on a regular basis for our e-commerce clients include:

  • Book keeping tasks
  • Calling customers to resolve failed credit card payments (AVS mismatches)

Virtual Reception (Customer Service)

Unlike other virtual assistance companies who only complete admin tasks, Longer Days provides customer service via phone, email, and live chat. This makes Longer Days particularly well suited to e-commerce business owners looking to kill two birds with one stone.

Working together in the same American based office provides a few extra benefits when it comes to providing customer service:

  • We have American accents. I mean no offense to anyone who doesn’t, however customer service being outsourced overseas by large companies is commonly complained. Having customer service reps with American accents provides a very personal, in-house feel.
  • Because we work together from the same office. We are able to easily collaborate with each other. Training and transfer of knowledge is as easy as asking the person next to you for help!

Website Assistance

Most virtual assistant companies wouldn’t touch a website with a ten foot pole. Our staff, on the other hand, is experienced at making content updates for our clients. Particularly when it comes to WordPress.

For our e-commerce customers, website assistance generally centers on updating products, including: descriptions, images, prices, tags and categories.

Our web assistance (like all our services) is included in every plan at no additional cost. If needed, it’s available, if not, no problem.

We’re able to let clients mix and match services as needed because at Longer Days, we work as a team! We assign work out based on the VA who is best suited to complete the task.

Graphic Assistance

Yet another tool in our toolbox that is often utilized by our e-commerce clients. Every business needs graphics. Web-based businesses have their own special set of graphical needs. Whether product images, promotions, flyers, or other web graphics.

We have multiple Graphic Designers on staff at Longer Days to help with the needs of our e-commerce clients.

When you need graphics, you want to get right to it. Posting a job on a freelance site and then sifting through a million applications and the associated example work is an unpleasant task. It’s even more annoying when you know that time spent hiring someone will take longer than the actual task itself.

That’s part of the beauty of Longer Days. A client may hire us because they need an administrative assistant, and then get the added benefit of a graphic designer who is ready to go at any point.

Whether its once a week, once a month, or once a year. It’s nice to know you have help available to update your business card, or make a small change to your home page graphics.

Writing Assistance

Perhaps the service that is least utilized by our e-commerce clients. Each product on an e-commerce site needs a product description. While those descriptions typically aren’t Hemingway, there isn’t any reason they shouldn’t be. is an example of an e-comm site with wonderful product descriptions, here is a randomly selected description of a coffee mug:

virtual assistant for e-commerce

“If you prefer your divination to be a little more pizza and guac than doom and gloom, then Sage Aune has the Tarot card inspired pieces you can really get behind. Gorgeous (and hilariously) detailed, these cards will have you seeing a future worth looking forward to.”

SEO is important for e-commerce sites too, and a regular blog, perhaps one with product comparisons and reviews, is a great way to accomplish that!


The Perfect Client for Longer Days?

E-commerce businesses have a steady supply of tasks, and have use for each core service we offer: Admin, Reception, Web, Graphics, and Writing. This generally means they have enough work to receive a volume based discount.

Being American-based makes Longer Days particularly well suited for e-commerce businesses: data remains onshore, and customer service tasks are completed by native speakers.

E-Commerce clients love working with us, and we love working with them! The quality and scope of services provided by Longer Days cannot be beat, so sign up for a free trial today!