So, what is virtual assistance?

A virtual assistant, or virtual employee, performs many of the tasks of a traditional office employee, and holds many of the same responsibilities – the main difference is that a virtual assistant works from a remote location, and is not added to payroll.

How is LongerDays different?

We’re an entire team working in the same office.

When you hire LongerDays, you’re hiring a whole team: receptionist staff, graphic designers, web designers, writers, and generally smart, capable people ready to lend a helping hand. Everything is coordinated by your Team Lead, so even though you have full access to our team, you only have to remember one person’s name.

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we all work together in the same office, located on Michigan’s beautiful west coast. We feel that working together in a professional office setting, rather than utilizing a network of home-based assistants, scattered across America, provides increased security to our customers, as well as more efficient internal collaboration.

Ready to get started?

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