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American Gymnast is listed as the #1 gymnastic supply website by the worldwide Alexa Rank. The company provides top quality gymnastics equipment, supplies, and gym design services, in addition to expert information about training, products, and competitions. Working with LongerDays has allowed the executive team at American Gymnast to remain focused on the growth of business, which increased over 20 percent in 2010, the first year the company employed LongerDays.

Virtual Assistants from LongerDays provide the majority of the office staff for American Gymnast, filling essential day-to-day roles that allow the company to process thousands of orders per year. Nearly every one of these orders passes through our virtual hands as the status is updated and monitored. Should an order be delayed, LongerDays is responsible for identifying the cause of the issue, and working with suppliers and shippers to resolve it while keeping the customer updated throughout the process.

In some instances, order shipment will be delayed due to a credit card AVS mismatch, which is resolved by LongerDays working directly with the customer to verify billing information before attempting to reauthorize the payment. Sensitive data tasks such as these are made possible by the security precautions taken by LongerDays, which also enable the completion of daily accounting tasks by remotely accessing a computer located at American Gymnast headquarters.

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“I do not know how I ever managed my business without LongerDays… You would not believe how good it feels to have those extra hours each day…”

“Before LongerDays, I was barely able to keep my head above water while wearing every different hat imaginable…”

Jay Thornton, Owner, American Gymnast

An assortment of the most popular items sold by American Gymnast are kept in stock at the LongerDays office, and are shipped out on a daily basis. This responsibility requires us to keep track of a wide variety of sizes and colors for each individual item stocked by LongerDays. In order to carry out this task, American Gymnast provides LongerDays with access to shipping accounts, label printers, and shipping scales.

In addition to daily responsibilities, LongerDays assists American Gymnast with
web and graphics tasks, including small updates and changes to American Gymnast’s marketing materials, as well as, on an as-needed basis.

The responsibilities that American Gymnast has entrusted to LongerDays are the result of many years spent working together, gradually increasing the scope of work based on a foundation of past successes.

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“The MindStir Media team of experts was just amazing… I communicated every single day with them… No matter what question I asked, I was answered within a really prompt amount of time… The process was very easy, I felt very comfortable every step of the way, and I was just so impressed with the way that they handled everything so professionally… I look forward to working with Mindstir again.”

a MindStir Media Customer, speaking about her experience with a Virtual Assistant working through MindStir Media

Mindstir Media

As seen on the Fox Business and Oprah Winfrey Networks, MindStir Media is a full service publishing company, helping authors edit, illustrate, design, self-publish, distribute, and market their books all over the world. MindStir Media has seen a yearly revenue growth rate over 100% since the company was founded in 2009 by bestselling author JJ Hebert.

Virtual Assistants from LongerDays assist with all aspects of MindStir Media’s business, from the generation of new business by fielding pre-sale phone and email questions from prospective customers, to the oversight & correspondence of the entire publishing process between authors, designers, and editors. These responsibilities require LongerDays to understand the selling points and services offered by MindStir Media, as well as the many different elements involved in self-publishing.

LongerDays is the “Author Representative,” the customer-facing point of contact between authors and MindStir Media. Once a project is initiated, customers are in contact with their Author Representative through the entire publishing, printing, sales, and marketing process.

Because of the regular monitoring by LongerDays staff members, potential issues are identified and resolved, or reported to a MindStir Media supervisor, ensuring that new projects are always moving forward. Authors receive status updates at specific project milestones, and are able to ask questions or make changes at any time due to the availability of their representative here at LongerDays.

After the initial project is complete, authors can easily purchase additional copies of their book by calling the MindStir Media customer service line, where a LongerDays Virtual Assistant will take the order, process the payment, and ship the order out.

LongerDays also provides regular updates to MindStir Media’s social media sites, handles billing/invoicing for additional publishing services, and follows up on sales leads for potential MindStir Media clients that would otherwise go unattended.

Michigan Irish Music Festival

The Michigan Irish Music Festival is the largest Irish festival in Michigan, and is considered one of the best in the Midwest region, featuring musicians that tour throughout the world. Over 35,072 people attended the four-day festival in 2017. The festival is not-for-profit, and donates hundreds of pounds of food and tens of thousands of dollars to local charities each year.

The Festival depends entirely on LongerDays for tracking and delivering festival tickets purchased online. The organization and efficiency of LongerDays has enabled the smooth delivery of nearly 3,000 tickets for the 2017 festival, the majority of which were purchased and delivered during the 4 weeks leading up to the opening day of the event.

Virtual Assistants from LongerDays also provide graphic design support, including the ticket design and festival brochure design for the 2017 festival. The Michigan Irish Music Festival was host to the 2013 North American Irish & Celtic Festival Organizers Conference, and relied on LongerDays to create the program, registration forms, save-the-dates, signage, and the logo with oversight and direction from festival management.

LongerDays is responsible for formatting and sending out the Festival’s e-newsletter communications (via Constant Contact) to its 1,253 volunteers, as well as members of the general public who have expressed an interest in receiving Festival updates.

Michigan Irish Music Festival

“Our Virtual Assistant is like a member of the family! Putting together this Festival is like building a small city for a weekend. We need a LOT of help, and there are a million and one things to get done. During the rest of the year, our board members are occupied with other responsibilities. LongerDays is the perfect on-demand staffing solution. It’s great to know that we have a dependable team, ready to go, whenever we need them to be!”

Chris Zahrt, President, Michigan Irish Music Festival

“When I started working with Longer Days I was able to extend my customer service by 3 hours per day without adding extra cost to my bottom line.  Working with a team and I no longer have days without coverage due to someone sick or on vacation. The team at Longer Days are professional and a pleasure to work with!”

Annaline Dinkelmann, Owner and President, Walls Street Walks

Wall Street Walks

As seen on USA Today, Bloomberg, AP, and many others, Wall Street Walks takes visitors through the historic capital of world finance – the one-square-mile of downtown Manhattan known as “Wall Street”. Visitors learn about people, places and events comprising over 200 years of history, as they walk among locations where it all happened.

Wall Street Walks caters to individuals and groups from around the world. They welcome tourists, corporations, and student groups of all ages who are looking for a unique New York City experience.

As a team, LongerDays monitors business email on a daily basis and provides telephone customer service. We schedule and book tours, answer questions about the tours, provide information about Wall Street Walks, and generally act as receptionists and customer service agents for the business.

On top of our daily work, LongerDays corresponds with management regularly providing reports and gathering requirements on future projects. Management is able to delegate tasks to our team, so they can stay focused on the big picture business.


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