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Why Work for LongerDays?

We are one of the top business assistance companies in the world! We’ve achieved this by hiring smart people who have a can-do attitude. Working at LongerDays stretches your knowledge on a daily basis – we’re like a gym membership for your brain that pays you to show up.

Virtual Business, Human Collaboration

While we handle all of our client work virtually, all of our employees are required to work in our downtown Muskegon office. The quality of our work is a result of close team collaboration and a reflection of our satisfying workplace culture. Collaboration is built into every aspect of LongerDays, and we make sure everyone who comes to work at LongerDays recognizes they are a critical part of our success.

Want to learn more about our company culture and company values? Check out our team welcome handbook!

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You MUST live in the Muskegon area or be willing to commute to our office in Muskegon. All of our staff works together from our office. We DO NOT hire virtual assistants to work from home.
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