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Emily Kane

Meet the last virtual assistance company you’ll ever need to hire.

Our service was designed with small businesses in mind.

Expert Guidance

Outsourcing can be overwhelming. We want to make it easy and stress-free.

In addition to having great virtual assistants, we provide experts to identify where we can save you the most time in your daily routine.

Every Service at The Same Rate

At LongerDays, all-access plans and VIP treatment come standard.

Every plan we offer includes access to all of our services. There are no extra fees, add-ons, or premium charges – making it easy for you to get help with a wide variety of tasks.

Professional Processing

Systemize your business and let it run on autopilot.

Give LongerDays repetitive tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis – and consider them done! We will track and complete your ongoing tasks, and create detailed process documentation so you know exactly how the work is carried out.

Start and Stop On The Dot

We bill the time it takes. No rounding, no minimums.

Our virtual assistants only track the amount of time they spend working on your tasks. Clients are encouraged to request time use reports at any time, so you know exactly how your time was used, how much is left, and when your plan refreshes with more time.

Flexible Scaling

Easily adjust your plan from month to month.

In today’s uncertain economy, it’s hard to plan for anything other than change. You need a virtual assistance company that can adjust to meet the changing needs of your business. Whether it’s a short lull in operation, or a ramp up to long-term growth, LongerDays scales right along with your business.

Workflow Integration

We adapt to your systems… However you work, we can work too!

Submit tasks however it’s most convenient for you – any way you prefer! Send an email, text, call us… Send a fax if you’re so inclined. If you have a project management system that you already use, have it send an email notification to LongerDays, and we’ll gladly log in to your system and get to work.

Secure Systems

Your business is in safe hands.

It’s hard to delegate work that involves sensitive data (like credit card information). We’re good people, but actions speak louder than words – so we’ve taken a number of precautions to make our customers feel comfortable when handing us sensitive information.

Do what you do best – we’ll handle the rest!

LongerDays virtual assistants help you reduce tedium and gain access to a skillset you won’t find in a single office employee.