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  • Expert Guidance
    Expert Guidance
  • Every Service In The Bag
    Every Service In The Bag
  • Repetition No More
    Recurring Tasks
  • Start and Stop On The Dot
    Precision Billing
  • Flexible Scaling
    Flexible Scaling
  • Workflow Integration
    Task Management
  • Locked Down
    Confidentiality & Security

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Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers say about LongerDays virtual business services:

America Gymnast Logo

American Gymnast

“I do not know how I ever managed my business without [LongerDays]… You would not believe how good it feels to have those extra two or three hours each day.”
Jay Thornton, Owner, American Gymnast

Strong Marriage Now Logo

Strong Marriage Now

“I highly recommend LongerDays. It’s great to have a team supporting me in the U.S. with great communication and technical skills. Working with them is like having a team of incredibly talented and highly skilled people at your beck and call.”
Amy Barnhart, CEO, Strong Marriage Now

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Costa Enterprises

“…LongerDays has proven themselves to be so reliable for my business and for our customers, that we have expanded their functions as our business continues to grow.”
David Costa, Owner, Costa Enterprise

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