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How Small Businesses Help The Community

How Small Businesses Help The Community

Small businesses are the lifeblood of communities. Whether it’s a deli or a print shop, a small accounting firm or an art gallery… There’s a vibe you get from a great...

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We Can Help You…

We Can Help You…

• Add time to your day
• Gain visibility
• Keep customers happy
• Streamline processes

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Take a Tour of Our Features!

Take a Tour of Our Features!

Meet the last virtual assistance company you’ll ever need to hire.

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Our clients love us.

We're proud of the work we do. Here are some of our favorite partnerships.

“I’ve worked with them for over two years. Simply put, LongerDays is excellent.”


Josh Shipp, Brilliant Partners

“I was able to extend my customer service by 3 hours per day, without adding extra cost to my bottom line.”


-Annaline Dinklemann, Wall Street Walks

“The process was very easy! I felt very comfortable every step of the way, and I was just so impressed.”


Mindstir Media Client

“Before LongerDays, I was barely able to keep my head above water while wearing every different hat imaginable.”


Jay Thornton, American Gymnast

“They’ve become a linchpin in my organization, and one of the most prized assets of my team.”


Charles Gaudet, Predictable Profits

“Jason and his crew helped me put together an affordable and quick plan to launch my online business.”


Jacob Deutmeyer, FluentFind

“A huge help to our business, helping us improve our billing, increase our collection rates, and clean up our inbox.”


Reva Minkoff, Digital4Startups Inc.

“LongerDays continues to amaze us with outstanding customer service, follow through, and excellence.”


Chris Zahrt, Michigan Irish Music Festival

“LongerDays is a tremendous help for my business. I would highly recommend them!”


James Higginbottom, Higginbottom Law

“Could not be happier with the service. Love their attitude and work ethic.”


Larry Foreman, Premiere IT Consultants

  • Josh Shipp, Brilliant Partners
  • Annaline Dinklemann, Wall Street Walks
  • Mindstir Media Client
  • Jay Thornton, American Gymnast
  • Charles Gaudet, Predictable Profits
  • Jacob Deutmeyer, FluentFind
  • Reva Minkoff, Digital4Startups Inc.
  • Chris Zahrt, Michigan Irish Music Festival
  • James Higginbottom, Higginbottom Law
  • Larry Foreman, Premiere IT Consultants

Our team is your team.

Meet our crew of talented and hardworking customer service specialists, writers, designers, and web developers.

Kyle “Spat” Van Dam

Kyle “Spat” Van Dam

Fast Learner, Faster Eater

  • Business Assistance 96%
  • Spreadsheets 89%
  • Goofball 62%
Jen McNabney

Jen McNabney

Customer Service Master

  • Team Player 94%
  • Problem Solving 91%
  • Potato Addiction 100%
Mike Schertenlieb

Mike Schertenlieb

Wordsmith, Percussionaut

  • Writing 92%
  • Editing 96%
  • Cymbalism 94%