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While most firms hide behind branding, LongerDays is only as good as every person on our team. We're real people, and we unabashedly put our best collective feet forward.

Every member of the LongerDays team:

  • Has unconditional positive regard for coworkers and clients
  • Communicates honestly & directly
  • Does what they say they’ll do
  • Learns relentlessly
  • Takes measured risks in service of clients
  • Makes their community better
Kyle “Spat” Van Dam
  • Business Assistance 96%
  • Spreadsheets 89%
  • Goofball 62%

Kyle “Spat” Van Dam

Fast Learner, Faster Eater

Digging into systems is his forte, and helping others warms his heart (even if he’s listening to scary music). Find him up front at shows, or making friends from behind the merch table. 

Emmy Way
  • Wordcraft 92%
  • Positive Attitude 94%
  • Ruining Loads of Laundry 67%

Emmy Way

Business Support, Bookstuff

Music lover, avid reader/writer, hates wet socks. If she’s not petting a cat, she’s probably playing a video game you’ve never heard of. Okay, she’s doing both.

Maggie Kelly
  • Client Management 92%
  • Multitasking 93%
  • Ginger 100%

Maggie Kelly

Team Lead, Cool Kid

Multi-talented music lover with an affinity for the great outdoors (except for the bugs). You may have met her at a festival…

Jen McNabney
  • Team Player 94%
  • Problem Solving 91%
  • Potato Addiction 100%

Jen McNabney

Customer Service Master

A customer service master who spends most of her money on her dog. She might steal your fries, especially if she has leftover gravy.

Mike Schertenlieb
  • Writing 92%
  • Editing 96%
  • Cymbalism 94%

Mike Schertenlieb

Wordsmith, Percussionaut

Resident writer/editor. He spends his time in the office typing, and his other waking hours drumming in as many gigs as possible.

Lizze Mundt
  • CS Voice 97%
  • Focus 94%
  • Cool Tats 100%

Lizze Mundt

Customer Support, Good Vibes

With a masterful phone voice and a love for all things arts and crafts, her personality is almost as colorful as her hair!

Megan Bate
  • Multitasking 96%
  • Kindness 94%
  • Honorary Brit 71%

Megan Bate

Admin Extraordinaire

Scheduling wizard and little old lady at heart. Loves travel, financial math, writing, and all things crafting.

Jason Pliml
  • Intuition 91%
  • Business Acumen 94%
  • Dad Jokes 64%

Jason Pliml

Owner, Proud Geek

Infuses LongerDays with culture, passion, and big-picture direction. Serial entrepreneur, business consultant, hockey player, and heirloom garlic grower.