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Set up Recurring Reminders in Slack

LD Staff Writer

This is one of our favorite memory shortcuts – because it’s equally perfect for the lazy and those short on time. We’re already Slack users, so convenience is king. What can be done in the app is better than anything that requires another app.

You probably already know that you can set reminders in Slack using a simple “/remind” command. Slack’s helpful AI, Slackbot, will recognize most casual language and convert it into an actionable reminder.


Turns into this:


But Slackbot goes deeper. You can set reminders for a specific date and time, so why not set up a recurring reminder? This is perfect for those daily tasks that fall by the wayside when you’re on a roll. Simply type a reminder with plain English and Slackbot will comply.

For example, type the following: “/remind me to eat pizza for lunch on Fridays” and Slackbot will show you this:


Now, you might not need help remembering to eat a slice of delicious pizza, but you’ve probably got something that you tend to forget. Try it out, play around with Slackbot to see how helpful it can be!


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