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Time-Stamping in Google Sheets

Megan Bate

If your business is all about “teamwork makes the dream work,” or involves any form of data entry, writing, editing, etc. – you may be getting increasingly familiar with the Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. The Google Suite of programs is beautifully intuitive, and makes collaborative work easy.

We’ve found a great tip housed in Google Sheets: data entry, customer service logs, and meeting notes are a few examples of business documents that benefit from a date/time stamp within a spreadsheet. Luckily, Google built in two handy keyboard shortcuts for doing just that!

The cmd + ; shortcut will fill in the current date, formatted as MM/DD/YYYY.

The cmd + shift + ; shortcut will fill in the current time, formatted as HH:MM:SS AM/PM.

Next time you’re using a Google Sheet, save yourself a moment or two and use these helpful keyboard shortcuts!

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