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We’ll Handle The Small Things – So You Don’t Have To

Megan Bate

Looking ahead at your calendar, you see it… Lying in wait, ready to pounce on your daily productivity: a conference out of town.

The stress of everything you have to do to prepare come bearing down in an instant… But wait – aha! – you’ve signed up with LongerDays, and this is precisely the situation we are here to alleviate. Planning travel, arranging meetings, preparing presentation resources… These are all tasks that live in our daily wheelhouse. All we need from you are the details to get started!


One major part of a conference or corporate speaking event is your travel itinerary. Traveling is stressful enough, and the less you have to worry about, the better!

Establishing a basic preference document for traveling is a great place to start with your Team Lead, and can help us take a ton of weight off your shoulders. A quick phone call or shared Google document can make a huge difference, and allows us to get your travel plans as close to perfect as possible – before sending them off to you for approval or booking.

Have a preferred airline, frequent flyer account, seat or meal choice? We’ve got you covered.
Need a rental car or the best public transportation options from the airport to your hotel? No problem.
Want some suggestions for great local cuisine or tourist attractions? Handled!


In turn, an important part of your travel itinerary is time management. As a busy individual running a business, your calendar can either be your lifeline or your biggest headache.

Let us shoulder some of that burden when it comes to managing meetings, phone calls, deadlines, and the ever-important life/work balance. Clear organization and a set schedule are especially important if your business involves travel. A second pair of eyes checking for conflicts, and assistance with setting up consultations, phone appointments, and blocking out time can help you keep a cool head while you’re away from home.


Depending on the type of conference or speaking event you’re attending, you may need to consider arming yourself with printed materials or a digital presentation… And we have an amazing, in-house graphics team that can help design the perfect materials, whether it’s on-screen or sourced out to a printing service.

We’re happy to place orders, and have your materials shipped right to your hotel – all so you don’t have worry about the logistics! With your approval, we can handle the whole thing.

Orders and Remote Support

If you have a product or service for sale at the event, we can help you in a multitude of ways – even though we’re a remote team. Using your CRM and POS systems, we can double check that orders and transactions are going through properly.

While you’re on stage speaking or packing up at the hotel, we’ll be the voice on the phone, calling your customers to follow up about their experiences or answering questions. While your plane is in the air or your Uber is driving you home, rest assured that we’re in your inbox, taking care of customer inquiries and providing shipping updates… And that’s just the start of the support we can provide.  

A solid customer service team on the ground is a surefire way to know your customers are getting the best possible treatment –  even when you’re unavailable to do so yourself. We’re here to make sure your business runs smoothly when you need to be elsewhere, and to give you the breathing room to focus on taking it to the next level.

One of the most rewarding (and important) things you can do as an entrepreneur is grow your business. To do so, you have to know when and where you can delegate work that is otherwise holding you back – and that’s exactly why we’re here.

Let us handle the logistics of getting you where you need to go, so you can focus on being ready when you get there!

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