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Convert Anything to PDF

LD Staff Writer

So you need to send an image along in secure PDF format quickly… What do you do?

Most folks will try Googling the answer or diving into the settings of their computer’s default image-editing app. Loads of websites promise Totally Free PDF Conversion, Seriously For Real We Really Promise, but – as with anything advertised as “totally free” on the internet – you’ll want to be a bit skeptical. These sites usually mine data and upload images to who-knows-where.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

Free app Alchemy is perfect for anyone who needs to quickly convert any document into PDF format. It doesn’t cost a thing, it’s quick, and most of all, it’s unobtrusive. Right now, it’s only available for Mac OS computers, but that still covers a lot of potential users.

This useful app can convert nearly any image file type into PDF, along with some other features, and does it all without making much of a fuss about itself. The app lives only in your menu bar. When clicked, it opens a simple drag-and-drop window where you get to work.

Even cooler still? You can access Alchemy with a simple keyboard shortcut: ⌘+Shift+8. Once you’ve got it open, simply throw in your image files and choose to convert them into the file type of choice – or merge multiple images into a single PDF. Quick and easy -boom, you’re done!

For the Windows users out there, CutePDF provides a similar service, and can be upgraded to a paid version.

It’s also worth noting that in Mac OS, and the most modern versions of Windows, you can “print” any document or image to PDF right in the print menu – and that Mac’s “Preview” allows for a handful of file conversion options. You simply export to the file type you need. This approach doesn’t meet the needs of every scenario, but it’s certainly one of the simplest.

Using Alchemy, though, is a bit more elegant, and lets you add multiple images to your PDF-to-be. This easy to use app is another one of those overlooked tools hiding around the internet – a gem of an app that makes our lives that much better!

Do you have favorites? We’re always finding new ways to be effective and efficient, and the best tools usually come from personal recommendations. Let us know your favorite apps and online services!

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