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Employee Spotlight: Emmy Way

LD Staff Writer

We want you to know more about our wonderful people (the lifeblood of our business), so we’re continuing an Employee Spotlight series to share the more personal side of LongerDays!

We asked a series of questions and decided to share the best answers for all the world to see.

Today’s Employee Spotlight is Emmy Way!

1. What is your name?

Emmy Way

2. What is your job title?

Team Lead

3. How long have you worked for LongerDays?

2 years in March!

4. Hometown? Where do you live now?

My hometown is Alpena, MI – right now I’m living in downtown Muskegon!

5. Inhabitants at your residence (this includes pets, oh and any family members or roommates!)

Nancy and Randy and Ben. Ben is a people (A husband, specifically. More specifically, my husband.) Randy is a fat orange cat. Nancy is a small grey cat. Both cats are poorly-behaved, and very cute.

6. What is one piece of advice you have for someone who is just starting at LongerDays?

There is SO much to learn here, and your days will look different every few months. Be excited, be open to learning new things, and most importantly, be hungry to take on new responsibilities!

7. What are your top three strengths that you have discovered while working at LongerDays?

Time management is the biggest one, followed by delegation and communication. 

8. What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

 I look forward to learning more about my clients’ businesses, and how I can help make their day-to-day lives easier!

9. How have you seen the company evolve since you first started?

One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) changes in the time I’ve worked with LongerDays has been the move from an office to a remote workspace. Learning how to adjust to working from home has been a fun exercise in reevaluating my entire routine, from pre-work to phone meetings, from lunchtime to training. Even given some of the complications of having a remote team, we’ve adapted almost seamlessly, and I’m excited to see what new opportunities this opens up for us!

10. What is one important skill every person at LongerDays should have? Why?

Critical thinking is a skill that I don’t often see mentioned! While we use processes for the majority of our work, some of the work we do here is intuitive and difficult to process out. Strengthening our critical thinking skills help us to fill in whatever gaps may arise in processes, find new and more effective ways to carry out tasks, and keeps us a sharp team!

11. What is the nerdiest thing you do in your free time?

Definitely watching C-movies that nobody has heard of.

12. What excites you so much that it keeps you awake the night before?

Christmas! I am a HUGE Christmas fan. To this day, I have a hard time sleeping the night before because I get so dang excited to give my family presents!

13. What was the last really great book you read? Why?

Definitely 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It was not at all what I expected, and it was probably my favorite by him! Anything to do with time travel is a right up my alley. 

14. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Take time to know yourself. The more you know yourself, the more productive you can be!

15. 4 likes and 4 dislikes


Cats, Tabletop Games, Big Soft Sweaters, Taco Bell


Berries, Uncomfortable Pants, Rotating Doors, Cobwebs