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How LongerDays Works With A Guided Tour Company

LD Staff Writer

What Does LongerDays Do in The First Place?

Explaining how we work can sometimes be a challenge… A lot of people don’t realize that they’re bad at delegating tasks – and when you aren’t aware of a problem, it’s nearly impossible to find the solution.

LongerDays works with a wide array of businesses. Our service is simple: we help! We take care of the tasks that our clients and their staff would otherwise be preoccupied with during the day, which allows them to focus on other goals they didn’t have time or energy to address when they weren’t using our service.

We take on tasks so entrepreneurs can work ON their businesses, instead of IN them.

Specific Clients Present Specific Challenges…

Since our very beginnings, we’ve worked with diverse, interesting clients that offer unique services or products. I’ve had the opportunity to work with one such niche service: walking tours.

Working with a guided tour company has some specific challenges that we’ve had to find creative ways to overcome.

To illustrate how LongerDays is different than an ordinary VA service, here’s a scenario to consider:

We answer the phone for our client, and on the other end of the call, there is a frantic tourist, shuffling around on the streets of some far away city. They’re distraught because they’ve scheduled their tour for 11:30, but the bus held them back… Now they’re lost on the street and it’s already 11:25…

What a nightmare!

How might someone in our office, having never been to that city, sitting hundreds of miles away from both the tourist and the meeting point, even begin to help? Location may be a challenge, but it’s certainly one we can overcome.

We utilize tools like Google Maps and Google Earth to get a street view of wherever our lonely tourist may be… We familiarize ourselves with landmarks around the touring company’s routes, and simply use the map to talk the tourist through their route to their meeting point.

Okay, We Can Use Google Earth… So What?

The point is that we’re real humans with real, logical thought processes. We invest ourselves in the client’s business, and find solutions to complex problems on the spot.

Our relationships with clients are their best when we are empowered to make decisions and solve issues. This way, we can keep providing our clients with an excellent service, and they enjoy the benefits of having a savvy assistant to handle the leg work.

There are a great many tasks we perform for our tour provider client that any small business would need: reviewing and editing site content, adjusting the reading level of sales copy to appeal to a wider range of audiences, and even content generation. We come equipped with writers, editors, and “word nerds” to help with this kind of work.

The nature of this industry requires us to be versed in key small business software as well. We work with WordPress, Infusionsoft, Shopify, and much, much more. Prior knowledge of these programs equips us to help clients at the outset of our relationship.

We Aren’t Perfect

It’s only healthy to admit that we also have a lot to learn… There are plenty of times we’ll be faced with issues that we don’t know how to solve or tasks we’ve never done before. This is where our true value really shows. We’re eager to learn and progress. We want to arm ourselves with the knowledge to help clients of all stripes.

Whether it’s using Google Maps to direct a lost tourist or creating a new email campaign in Infusionsoft, LongerDays can get the job done.

Feel free to drop us a line! We’ll be more than happy to help.


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