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We Can Upgrade Your Business With WordPress

LD Staff Writer

Here at LongerDays, we are massive proponents of the website-building platform WordPress. It’s a versatile, endlessly malleable system that bends to the needs of the user, offering simple and quick blogging or expert-level customization. An upfront ease of use gives way to a wealth of features as one becomes more familiar with the platform, so it’s no wonder that WordPress is our go-to for building, managing, and updating websites around the globe.

Just as WordPress is an exceptionally flexible platform, our work here is a dynamic evolution that grows with time and engages proactively with the latest Internet trends. When a client signs up, we’re eager to give their site a thorough examination, looking for problem areas, bugs, and broken things. This way, we can address any issues right off the bat and offer comprehensive solutions to fix current issues and prevent future ones.

We’re always striving to better our own knowledge of WordPress and in turn, help our clients improve their web presence and reach. We accomplish this in a number of ways.

Staying Up To Date

First and foremost, we are adept at installing new plugins, updating systems, and setting up automations that can make clients’ websites better by any metric. We stand on the cutting edge and look to the horizon in an effort to be ready for any and all sea changes that come along – and they do come often. Our team takes pride in this ability to remain hip and with-it in all the right ways.

The Internet is a constantly shifting place, emphasizing growth and change. We understand that it’s tough for anyone, much less a busy entrepreneur, to keep a steady handle on it. That’s why we are happy to take the reins when it comes to WordPress, doing all the under-the-hood work so that clients can focus on their business, their relationships, and their lives.

After all, the biggest reason to hire a virtual assistant is to give yourself more time to do the things you need to do, right?

Mastering Content

Beyond mere technical know-how, LongerDays employs skilled writers to help craft the content for client websites. In addition to WordPress mastery, these writers bring all the grammatical and literary expertise needed to make any type of content stand head and shoulders above the competition. Whether clients need us to clean up their existing content, edit and curate ongoing projects, or produce fresh content itself, we’re ready for the job.

When a client needs us to edit their website for content, we’re able to dive right in, using our ongoing familiarity with WordPress to get right on task without any need to get acquainted with a new system. When they need a quick change, a blog posted, or anything else, we are right there with an update.

Sometimes a client comes to us with a brand new venture and needs regularly scheduled, completely unique content. We deliver that. Whether it’s something we’re familiar with or a totally new thing, our virtual assistants are eager to research and learn all we can, to craft informed pieces on the topic at hand.

Keeping Things Fresh

Ongoing WordPress work is a specialty at LongerDays. Sometimes a client needs regularly scheduled posts to be written, edited, and published. Sometimes they need simple but incredibly important maintenance work on a regular basis. Sometimes they actually need us to manage a site in whole, handling their entire web presence. We are always ready and willing to take on these tasks, get the ball rolling, and keep it humming along with as much or as little input as the client deems necessary.

While we are familiar with a number of web development platforms, we consistently recommend WordPress for its multifaceted toolset and comprehensive array of options. There’s no better system for building and maintaining websites out there, and there’s no better team to handle it than the people at LongerDays.