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VLC Plays Anything

LD Staff Writer

Whether it’s for work or personal use, VLC Media Player is by far the best app for playing any type of video you could possibly have at hand. We mean it, too: we have yet to run across a single file type that the program wouldn’t play flawlessly.

The best thing about VLC, besides its uncanny ability to handle anything thrown at it, is that it’s freely available on almost every major platform out there. No matter your computer OS or what brand of phone you’ve got, there’s a lightweight VLC Player for you.

Once you’ve grabbed the app, it’s as simple as opening VLC from your app launcher or dragging and dropping a file into the open VLC window. Boom – it’s playing. This goes for audio files, too.

The program can run DVDs or other purchased media, but it really shines when you’ve got some odd video sent from a client, a friend, or an elderly relative who doesn’t know how to watch the latest clip of the grandkids. No matter what the file is – from MP4 to AVI and everything in between – VLC handles it with aplomb, giving you all the standard video playing options and then some. You can add subtitles, change audio languages, adjust speed, take screenshots, and do anything else you need to watch your videos exactly as you need them.

Despite the wealth of options, VLC is easy to use no matter what platform you’re on. Did we mention that it’s free?


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