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How LongerDays Can Manage Your Inbox

Mike Schertenlieb

Email inboxes are finicky things. It’s tough to find the right balance of inbox management that works for you – without falling victim to the disruptions caused by constant monitoring.

On one hand, you need to stay on top of incoming messages. On the other, you need to stay focused on the more important aspects of your day-to-day. You probably get all kinds of emails that don’t require an immediate response, aren’t relevant, or only need a short, simple answer…

There are likely still more than can be trashed, sorted, or all but ignored…

You can’t just ignore your inbox for days on end, though. You might miss something urgent… Or at the very least, feel nervous about being out of the loop!

…But LongerDays can help.

Email Monitoring

We’re well versed in keeping an eye on our clients’ inboxes. With just a little bit of information, we can hit the ground running. We’ll need your login info of course (kept safely in LastPass), and some preferences about how to proceed, but there isn’t much more to it than that!

It’s really as simple as determining how often you’d like us to check for new messages, and laying out some instructions for what to do with the varying types of emails that come in.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper:

Urgent Messages

If we determine what deserves your immediate attention from the outset, we’re happy to call you, send a Skype or Slack message, send you a text, or contact you in whatever method you prefer.

It could be emails from specific people or regarding specific topics… As long as we know what we need to notify you about, we can make sure you get your most important emails without having to check for them yourself.


If some emails are worth saving (or dealing with later), we can help you set up a system of labeling and sorting. With accurate and consistent email sorting, you can go in at your convenience to find what you need, assign other tasks with specific instructions about what to do with each type of email, and so on.

The point is that messages are categorized as we check throughout the day, and are ready for any next steps that need to be taken.

Responses and Customer Service

For customer inquiries, FAQs, and other messages that require a response – but not your specific knowledge or guidance – we can take care of them for you!

By setting some standards at the beginning of the process (and familiarizing ourselves with your business and products/services), we can provide accurate answers to your customers on your behalf. As long as we have the info, we’ll happily respond to emails with thorough, professional answers – saving you time and freeing you from tedium.

We can also field any out of the ordinary emails, and reach out to you directly for help with customized answers.

Cutting Through The Noise

This part is simple. Together, we determine what kind of messages can be trashed or archived with no other action necessary. Once the process is in place, we’ll clear your inbox of all the junk that makes it past your platform’s filters.

This can also include trashing cold sales emails, deleting and unsubscribing from newsletters or marketing materials you don’t want, or dealing with any other unwanted emails in your inbox.


While Gmail (and Google Apps) are the gold standard for us – and typically provides the most agility for sorting – we’re happy to work with pretty much any platform you’re already using. We can use Outlook, Zoho, or any other provider.

Meeting Your Needs

The ways you use email determine the ways we can help you. If you need help with scheduling, we will develop a process for responding to meeting requests and setting up calendar events. If you need something even more specialized, have specific messages that need to be catered to, or pretty much anything else in your inbox, we will work directly with you to come up with a plan that works for you – and is easily repeated and executed by our team.

You don’t have to let your inbox distract you all day, and you don’t have to waste your time answering pesky emails that someone else could easily handle.


The LongerDays team is a great way to take this pesky, ongoing task off your plate. Let us help! If you have any questions about how LD can manage your inbox (or inboxes), don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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